Who we are

We are over 300 people worldwide. We are process consultants, developers and support specialists. Creative marketing heads, PMO experts and HR managers. IT admins and sales managers. We are THE TEAM! Together, we maintain the enthusiasm and freshness from our early days for our customers and offer technical expertise in SAP-based procurement that is second to none.

And as a team, we have already achieved a lot: We are an SAP Gold Partner, an excellent employer, a multiple award-winning SAP Ariba MEE Partner of the Year and an important development and innovation partner of SAP. We are constantly developing as the #1 in SAP-based procurement. Every single contribution counts towards this ambitious goal. We live this vision - as THE TEAM.

Thomas Herbst

CEO & Co-founder


Our vision


As a team, we continue to build on our position as a leading partner in SAP procurement.



worldwide >300 employees *
from >20 nations
Ø 34 years old
2 Gender Mars to 1Gender Venus

* It is the person that counts.
We are committed to diversity and reject any discrimination based on gender, ethnic origin, religion, disability, age or sexual identity!

Our values
inwards & outwards


What makes us special

Passion & ambition
are our driving elements
Trust, respect & fairness
build our foundation
Technical competence & expertise
are our unique specialties
Sustainable value creation
is our goal

Our success

  • SAP Ariba MEE Partner of the Year 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020
  • SAP Ariba PRC Partner of the Year 2019




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